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123 Frutty: ePublication

Big Surprise! I am happy to share  with you the eBook version of my App.
While working on the app’s prototype, the book, some postcards and other products, I wanted to release the issuu version.

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Book: “A Bunch Of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy”

Tonight, I came across the upcoming book of Sarah Lazarovic titled “A Bunch Of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy” & I feel good about it. All evening, I had finally taken some time, to iron & sew some stuffs that I don’t wear a lot (& wanted to wear for a while now). It was a step before I go for some shopping- again & with a closet full of stuffs- it is the right time to change. So, I have decided tonight, that I will start to apply her principles & stop to buy some stuffs for myself, for a year.


You can buy her book here & read her essay here.

To make the long story short, see an excerpt of her illustrated essay.
I love her illustration style & her sense of humour.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.55.01 PM

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Some Cactus

Ils piquent, ils sont verdoyants et parfois font aussi des fleurs. Par ici, les cactus!






So, coming up with these illustrations, some new prints & adapted design on tee-shirts in my SHOP very very soon!

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123 Frutty is cooking!

After working on a new installation for a group show, happening right now
in Tampa, I am now free to go back and work on my kid’s app.

Quick reminder: the purpose of this app is to help kids from age 2+ to learn counting from 1-10 using yummy fruits. There will have 2 paths within this app: one for training (ascending numbers display) and the other one for testing (random numbers display). The testing will provide to the kids some grades. Asas, these are perfect, the kid are good to have a graduation event/profile.

I have brainstormed to find a new name & I came with “123 Frutty”.
It is fresh & yummy! I have shared this project already on Behance,
a while ago.

After showing my prototype around to real people, with my iphone on hand,
I got some interesting feedbacks. To prototype, I have used Flinto. I was able
to create a running prototype in one night. I did some reiterations, some nights later,
but having something to show on my iphone is somehow attractive to others.
Before using Flinto, I did a try with InVision but the process to have a running prototype quickly was a bit more difficult.

Here are few of the screens. The main menu and other details, like loading,
will be unveil during my upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

LearnToCount_Fruits_03-01 LearnToCount_Fruits_03-02 LearnToCount_Fruits_03-04LearnToCount_Fruits_03-20

I want to do multiple languages* & first start with French/English.
Thinking of Chinese, Spanish & “Breton” & Creole. The last two ones are more dialects
but still in uses in some areas. I will explain later why I want to have them in my app.

Since, I am fond of patterns, I played a bit with the fruits… Here some samples.
Feel free to tell me which one you prefer. I would love to see them on kids clothes.
Work in progress, but you got a first idea.

LearnToCount_Fruits_03-39 LearnToCount_Fruits_03-41



Also, I want to do some products like tee-shirts/onesies, personalized posters using the risograph technique & greeting cards. I have started to do some mock-ups that will be part of a future post. I am looking for some manufacturers locally-internationally: all over print on kids clothes, risograph printers & I am open to partnership for patterns licensing.

Until then, Enjoy!

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Diamonds Rock!

Exploring some new patterns, I have drawn some diamonds. A lot of them, and it was fun.

The collection “Diamonds rock” is complementary to the abstract patterns series, in a way that they are realistic imagery. I love the fact that they are black and white and hand-drawn. It is also the continuation of some drawings that I am doing right now for kids. A coming back to real illustration work using pen and paper. Sure, I love to do a digital conversion, so I can create easily a pattern.

All my designs ara available at PAOM: 1. Kimono 2. Shift Dress 3. Scarf 4. Hat

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Late yesterday night, after a dinner out with friends. I was surfing in my bed on R29, & was reading an article about successful bloggers and found out about Depop. What is that?

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