Diamonds Rock!

Exploring some new patterns, I have drawn some diamonds. A lot of them, and it was fun.

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Late yesterday night, after a dinner out with friends. I was surfing in my bed on R29, & was reading an article about successful bloggers and found out about Depop. What is that?

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Shout Out to Reuben Reuel

Ok, If you have followed my previous post, you may have understood that I am into a certain mood.
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Pattern Mood

I am into this mood right now. I want to see some pencil skirts using some african fabric.

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M/M = Monday Music

Start the week smoothly with Herb Alpert, Rise!!! Well, I was very little, few years old… when it was released in 1979.

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Back To Basics

Mmmm… I have this kind of feeling to go back to simple things.

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American Dream Wall Art By Parvez Taj


Blue/Red/White aka it is my 4th July interior remake!

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Fine Little Day

Today, I want to start to feature kids’ products that I love. One of them, are done by Fine Little Day, based in Sweden & founded in 2007 by the artist Elisabeth Dunker.

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Jin Angdoo’s work

No later than yesterday night, when everybody is sleeping in my home,

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Learn To Count

Learn To Count, with fruits & vegetables. Well, these ones are not real veggies.

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