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I am an Artist, Designer, Wife & Mama of a bright little girl (haute comme 3 pommes!) & this is my playground where I share all my related design-patterns experimentations. Enjoy, Nathalie

Modern, simple & yet sophisticated patterns



Getting things done will be easier if you write them down. Not just a daily to-do-list (that can become endless & quite overwhelming) but your vision of your bigger goal, with weekly & daily actions. Get my Free fancy & well design PDF that will help you stay on track & build a Brand that you love.
Printable on your home printer!

My Process

in 2 words: “Handrawings Digitized”

Sneak peek into my daily routine...


Are you dreaming of a custom-made pattern design for your product?

I would love to collaborate and make your product stand out!

You’re also welcome to view my catalogue and license a ready-made design.


Into Patterns & Illustrations

If you're are like me tracking time & loving to get things done fast & well... with your pencils in one hand and your phone in the other... Yep! Great news! I've created a mini-class explaining all my steps.


My mini-class will allow you to learn how to use your drawings on paper & convert them into vector graphics, so you can use them easily to create patterns and illustrations using illustrator. All you will need for this course are: your drawings, your phone (Adobe Capture) & your computer (with Adobe Illustrator).

This course contains: a step by step on how to do digitalize your drawings & a global PDF for you to keep.

To make things easier, this class is hosted at Teachable. You will find some videos & pdfs that will guide you through all the steps.

Class Curriculum


Are you tired to keep your doodlings hidden & turn them into illustrations or patterns?

Let’s show them to the world & give them a new life!


This is Your Online Signature

Discover Your Personal Branding through...

4 simplified phases will help you building your online presence with more ease.

Each phase describes some clear & practical action steps that you need to take in order to create your influential Brand.
The most important thing in business is Strategy & Brand Clarification.
They are essential components of your online presence &
if clearly expressed your brand will connect emotionally with your ideal clients at a deeper level.

Are you ready to kick off your Branding & build an Empire?

Is Personal Branding A Must Have?

Of all recruiters, 95 percent believe that the job market will remain or become more competitive. If you don’t stand out online, your competition will.

Online personal brands are replacing resumes and cover letters as the new tradition of identifying potential job candidates for companies.

Maintaining a strong online brand will, make your skills more marketable to potential employers, and possibly allow you to attract stakeholders to build a business of your own.

Knowing how to make a brand unique will only become more important in the coming years.

Get ready to kick off 2017 with a Brand New Personal Branding!